More than 1.700 university professors from La Guaira are immunized

More than 1.796 university education workers from La Guaira, who will receive the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine, from this Wednesday until September 15, at the headquarters of the Universidad Marítima del Caribe (UMC), Catia La Mar parish. 

"The eleven universities, which make life in La Guaira, will be treated in this vaccination center, where it is estimated that 1.796 people will be immunized, including professors, administrators, and workers in the university sector," said Daniel Rivas, state spokespersons for the university management council. and head of the vaccination center.

The UMC is the only mass vaccination center for the university sector, where some 500 daily vaccines will be applied, in order to comply with the immunization plan of 100% of the teaching staff, before the beginning of the classroom school year on September 16. . 

Rivas made a call to the teaching staff to come to be vaccinated. "The center will be open from 8 am to 3 pm and until Friday, if necessary it would be extended during the weekend." 

Those summoned to the conference are workers from the Marítima del Caribe, Unefa and Simón Bolívar universities. Also included are the nuclei or university extensions of UNES, UBV, Health Sciences, Unearte, Unesca, Teaching, Simón Rodríguez, as well as Misión Sucre, Ribas and other educational agreements that make life on the Guaireño coast. 

"That no one is left unvaccinated, with their dose, before returning to classes with the 7 + 7 plan of the national government. The main thing is to guarantee that all people enter the classroom immunized, and then continue with the biosafety measures, recommended by the WHO, ”said Jhonnar Corro, coordinator of the municipal programs of the UBV.

Immunize teachers

Since this Wednesday, the third phase of mass vaccination began for teachers and workers who were left behind or to be immunized, indicated Professor Daniel Gonzales, Head of the Educational Zone of La Guaira, "in order to reach the goal of 100% immunized for a return to safe classes 2021-2022 ”, which is why they are being prioritized in more than 10 mass vaccination centers in the region. 

The available centers are: CDI of Carayaca (Carayaca), Hospital Alfredo Machado and Hospital Naval (Catia La Mar), CDI of Guracarumbo (Urimare), José María Varas Sports Center and CDI of 10 de Marzo (Carlos Soublette), Periférico de Pariata and CDI of Maiquetía (Maiquetía), Hospital José María Vargas - Social Security (La Guaira) and Casa de Seguridad de Caraballeda (Caraballeda).



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