Monitoring Center for covid-19 patients inaugurated in Carabobo

They will maintain real-time control of Covid-19 cases in the entity

The governor of Carabobo, Rafael Lacava, inaugurated the Sectorial State Command Center (CEMES), with the purpose of maintaining real-time control of patients diagnosed with Covid-19 in the entity.

He specified that the situational room located in the Capitol of Valencia, is part of the actions that his office implements to cut the chains of the virus and its variants in the region. 

He explained that the place will serve for the doctors of the Barrio Adentro and Insalud network to permanently monitor patients with mild, moderate and severe symptoms in Carabobo.

“We have designed a screening protocol to identify possible patients infected by Covid. The doctors in each lung consultation unit will be connected to this center to register the patient with all their data and thus, in the event of a possible case of Covid, ensure their treatment immediately, "he explained.

He also commented that since last week, the distribution of anticovid combos began in sentinel and CDI centers enabled in Carabobo. 

He assured that these kits contain essential medicines in the treatment of the virus such as: Acetaminophen, Aspirin, Azithromycin, Ivermectin and vitamins C and D.

"In addition to the delivery of these medicines, a role of constant visits to patients diagnosed by community doctors is stipulated," he said.

Governor Lacava pointed out that the combos are distributed in the 47 Comprehensive Community Health Areas (ASIC) of the state. 

A week ago, Lacava announced that between 3 and 4 combos would be distributed in Carabobo in a first batch of drugs. 

“More than 90% of people who die is because they react or seek help late, they already arrive at a hospital, a CDI or a private clinic with low oxygen saturation, 70, 60% or even less, when it is already very complicated or It is very difficult to react, ”he stated on that occasion in a meeting with the Carabobeño mayors.



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