Mayors demand that the Governor open the Torbes landfill

The mayor of the Torbes municipality, Roberto Lobo warned that the closure of the landfill directly affects the communities in his jurisdiction, in addition to the municipalities of San Cristóbal, Cárdenas, Guásimos, Rafael Urdaneta, Andrés Bello, Córdoba, Capacho Viejo and Capacho Nuevo.

For his part, Yoira Vargas mayor of the Córdoba municipality recalled that national laws are clear when mentioning that the governorates are in charge of the spaces where the final disposal of solid waste is made, before which, he asked Governor Laidy Gómez, exercise their functions.

"We are limited in the task of collecting garbage in our localities, because we do not have where to make the final disposal, all because of the inefficiency of the governor," he said.

Vargas stressed that the lack of response from Gómez could generate an endemic outbreak due to the accumulation of garbage that is notorious, not only in San Cristóbal, but in the remaining eight municipalities of the metropolitan area.

Likewise, the mayor of Capacho Viejo Rogelio Ontiveros said that like the other mayors, they also have a great collapse in the municipality as a result of the closure of the landfill, which is why he demanded that Governor Laydy Gómez “work on solving the situation from the Torbes landfill for us to carry out our work and avoid possible outbreaks in the community ”.



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