Margarita's government and businessmen seek to promote the island's development

Representatives of the Nueva Esparta State Chamber of Commerce discussed issues of interest for the development of the island entity with the new commander of the Comprehensive Maritime and Insular Defense Region (Redimain), Admiral Neil Jesús Villamizar Sánchez.

The president of the Business Association, José Gregorio Rodríguez, explained that among the issues raised that require urgent attention, are the electrical emergency, the supply of fuel and mutual support to guarantee the best supply of goods and services on the Island.

The businessmen also requested that working hours be maintained in accordance with the tourist status of Nueva Esparta, and that customs processes can be adequately streamlined so that the Free Port operates correctly, is strengthened as attractive, and fulfills the purpose for which It was created, according to a publication on the Instagram account @camcomercione.

The new commander of Redimain pointed out that the objective of the military authorities is to facilitate economic progress and that the best conditions of life, work, health and well-being can be generated for all. "Peace includes a good economic movement, and this is decisive for the well-being of the population to increase," he said.

Likewise, Villamizar announced that safe conducts are suspended during the radical weeks for the prioritized sector and indicated that sanitary controls will be strengthened without this having a restrictive intention.

Also present at the meeting were Vice Admiral Jorge Tejan, second Commander of the Redimain, as well as the representatives of the National Superintendency for the Defense of Socioeconomic Rights (Sundde), Rolando Campos; Luis Vargas from Sencamer and Bellerly Latan from the Sanitary Comptroller's Office.



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