Luis José Marcano: there is a decrease in the levels of the Neverí river

The protector of the Anzoátegui state, Luis José Marcano, reported this Sunday that a dam is being built at the junction of the Neverí river and the relief channel to reduce the amount of water that goes to the center of Barcelona, ​​as reported in his account in the social network Twitter.

“We are making progress in the works at the intersection between the river Neverí and the relief channel of the city of Barcelona because the current intensity is very strong and that is why we are building a dike that will cover a proportion of the passage towards the center of the city of Barcelona in such a way as to lower the amount of water and redirect to the relief channel, ”Marcano explained in an interview on VTV.

He indicated that this Sunday there was a decrease in the levels of the Neverí River at the height of the relief channel of the sections that adjoin the Armed Forces avenue towards the center of the city of Barcelona, ​​and "that has given us a quiet day of much more peace for families whose homes were flooded.

He stressed that families are being cared for. "At this moment we have about 400 people in shelter in the Las Casitas sector of Barcelona, ​​and about 150 people in the Tronconal III dining room", who are being given comprehensive care, food, health and recreation. "

"Each of these people is undergoing a social uprising, verifying the state of their homes, replacing the documentation they lost such as identity cards and birth certificates in conjunction with Saime," Marcano said.

Likewise, Marcano highlighted that between Saturday and Sunday, food has been delivered to some 31 families from the 19 communities that live in territories affected by the floods.



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