Debate of the Law of Communal Cities in Nueva Esparta

Photos: @PSUV_NE

The president of the subcommission for Communal Development of the National Assembly, Rodolfo Crespo, was commissioned by the parliamentary entity to install in Nueva Esparta state the promoter team responsible for promoting the debate on the Organic Law of Communal Cities together with the deputies of the insular block, the legislators and councilors, the team of the Ministry of the Communes and the community members.

“This is the first law of this newly elected National Assembly that goes up to public debate, it was delivered to the AN by popular initiative of the results of Congress 2.0 from the hands of the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro. We are pleased and excited to be together with the people in the spirit of Chávez promoting this law, ”said Crespo.

He referred that the regional promoter team will have the responsibility to deploy in two spheres: first in the territorial one, for which the promoter teams must be installed in the 11 municipalities and in the communes and in the sectorial scope the 35 movements of the Bicentennial Congress of the Peoples will be those in charge of promoting the debate that will begin next week.

“We call on all citizens, housewives, businessmen, farmers, fishermen to join this great debate for which they also have available the page which has the link to post proposals individually and the collective ”, added the president of the subcommission for Communal Development of the AN.

Present at the activity were the deputies for the state of Nueva Esparta Carola Chávez, Junior Gómez, América Pérez, José del Carmen Millán, Hanthony Coello; the vice president of Clebne John Bourgeon, the Bolivarian mayors and councilors, the director of the Ministry of Communes in the state, Johnnymar Zambrano, community members of the state.



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