Larenses sheltered a replica of the libertarian sword in Plaza La Mora

69 years after the La Mora square was founded in Barquisimeto, Lara state, it renewed its landscape, with the construction of the monument in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Carabobo, whose slogan is “Undefeated in Carabobo. Invincibles Today ”.

This historical work stands out for representing the sword of Bolívar used during the political and social events in Carabobo, on June 24, 1821. Around it, new oval-shaped walkways and seats are arranged for enjoyment, contemplation and encounter. , with the libertarian spirit of that moment.

At the corner of Carrera 24 and Calle 23, in the heart of Barquisimeto, the old Plaza La Mora is located, which many before 1952 was a lagoon where the settlers arrived by donkey from hamlets such as Cabudare (today, capital of the Palavecino municipality) and strolled in canoes, according to what the Correspondent of ÚN, Isabel Escolana, head of the street of the Local Committee of Supply and Production (Clap) Francisco de Miranda, of the La Mora center sector, in the Iribarren municipality told.

For Escalona, ​​who has been living in the aforementioned sector for 62 years, the new icon on the occasion of the bicentennial assigns another vision to the place, for which he expressed: “I like this change that reminds us of the libertarian feat in the Carabobo countryside. It is nice to be able to relive history, with the children and young people of today ”.

He continued highlighting, "And now all of us, as good citizens, have to encourage and make good use of these spaces and avoid their deterioration, as has happened, with the old Plaza La Mora.

For his part, the engineer Yorman Mujica, resident of the work, confirmed the labor activation of 30 workers, the participation in the investment of the Venezuela Bella Mission, the Lara State Government; as well as the Mayor's Office of the Iribarren Municipality, the latter, with the recovery of lights, four fountains and the maintenance of the granite floor of the access corridors to the square.

He also specified that the Lara State Institute of Ecosocialism (Inecolara) is in charge of the aesthetic and floral part of the space.



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