Larenses communicators vowed to make the truth visible before the blockade

In Lara state, the Popular Communication team of the Great Patriotic Pole was installed on the way to the parliamentarians of the National Assembly (AN) on December 6.

The swearing-in ceremony of the communicators in Barquisimeto (Iribarren), led by state chiefs David Freitez and Saúl Osío, was led by the governor, Carmen Meléndez.

With the Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (CRBV) and the Anti-Blockade Law in hand, Larense communicators vowed to execute a massive plan to defend the truth and make visible the resistance of the people to the unilateral, restrictive and punitive measures of the United States against Venezuela.

"Thanks to Chávez and a people in resistance and brave who do not kneel to anyone, we are heading to the rescue of the National Assembly," said Meléndez.

He recalled that the commitment of the revolutionaries is to return the National Parliament to the people. “The AN was in the hands of stateless persons and saboteurs; that is to say, out of nowhere, we must recover parliament in order to continue advancing for the collective well-being and the decisions that favor the productive life of the country.

Making use of digital connection, the national head of the communication area of ​​the Campaign Command Darío Vivas, Tanía Díaz, participated, who congratulated and greeted the formation of the team of communicators in Lara, who urged them to take good care of their health in the face of covid 19 and he directed to seek maximum unity to defend the truth to guarantee a space of peace "with an overwhelming victory," he stressed.

Díaz also reported that "the year 2021 will be the year of the renewal of the Bolivarian Revolution"

The jurors are part of the community and alternative media, important users of the digital platform, as well as the journalistic teams of the GPP parties, being them, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Psuv), Por la Democracia Social (Podemos) , People's Electoral Movement (MEP), Authentic Renewal Organization (ORA), Venezuelan Popular Unity (UPV), Political Movement Alliance for Change and Movement of Organized Revolutionary Action (Tupamaro).



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