Larenses and tuyeros venerated the Nazarene at the door of the temples

Photo: Airamy Carreño

This Holy Wednesday the churches in Lara state exhibited the image of El Nazareno at the entrance to the temple.

In this way, they complied with the provisions of the Pastoral Indications signed by Monsignor Víctor Hugo Basabe, Apostolic Head of the Archdiocese of Barquisimeto.

It should be remembered that in the religious calendar, Holy Wednesday is dedicated to Jesus carrying the Cross (Nazarene). It is the day when the faithful meditate on the Holy Stations of the Cross and pray the Holy Rosary.

On this occasion, it was also ordered to omit the gesture of washing the feet inside the Mass due to the biosecurity measures by the covid-19.

The image was seen from the outside in the Sanctuary of the Nazarene of Los Rastrojos and Santa Eduviges in the Palavecino municipality. It could also be observed in the Iribarrenses parish centers (Barquisimeto), Santa Rosa de Lima (birthplace of the patron saint of Lara, Divina Pastora), Urbana Santa Cruz (Libertador avenue) and the Vicaría San Isidro Labrador in the community of Veragacha.

Tuyeros begged for the end of the pandemic before the image of the Nazarene

For the second consecutive year, in the midst of the covid-19 pandemic, Catholics expressed their faith towards El Nazareno in the six municipalities of Los Valles del Tuy, Miranda state.

The parishioners, keeping their distance, went to the doors of the temples where the Religious Societies placed the images of Jesus of Nazareth, John the Apostle, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene, Mary Salome and Veronica. 

In the Cristóbal Rojas municipality, the homily was officiated by the presbyter José de Jesús Martínez, parish priest of the Santa Rosa de Lima church, who opened the doors of the temple and allowed 30% of the congregation to access, respecting social distancing.

In Tomás Lander, the word of God was offered by the presbyter Georgregory Oviedo, of the San Diego de Alcalá parish.

In the Basilíca Nuestra Señora de Coromoto they did not allow access of the faithful. The same happened in the San Antonio de Padua church in Yare, in the Santa Lucía virgen y Mártir de Paz Castillo church and in the Santa Teresa de Jesús sanctuary in Independencia.

The sacred images were installed on the doors of the temples, where the promiseros pleaded for health, life and the end of the pandemic.

With information from the correspondents Carmen Luzardo and Airamy Carreño



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