La Rinconada Comprehensive Diagnosis Center reopens in Maracaibo

The Comprehensive Diagnosis Center (CDI) and the La Rinconada Rehabilitation Room were reopened, both located in the Antonio Borjas Romero parish, it is number 22 to be delivered by the Bolivarian Mayor's Office of Maracaibo.

The mayor of Maracaibo, Willy Casanova, toured the facilities of the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Room, which is now fully operational, as well as the observation, intensive care, laboratory and radiology areas, which have fully recovered furniture.

The General Directorate of Infrastructure and the Directorate of Health Infrastructure Maintenance were in charge of carrying out this work, which also includes the nursing areas, corridors, kitchen and bathrooms, as well as plumbing work, air conditioning work, waterproofing, lighting and facade.

The constituent Fidel Madroñero, thanked the actions of the national and regional government that "has decided to do things with the soul, to deliver these spaces to the people, recovered and without losing the essence and spirit of the community."

For his part, the candidate for circuit 8, Jean Carlos Martínez expressed his gratitude “for being able to share these moments of transformation that are lived in this Maracaibo”, and added that “what is happening with Barrio Adentro is the demonstration of a people in full resistance ”.



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