Inhabitants of Jesús María Semprum receive comprehensive care day

Beneficiaries did not have to pay for the medications

More than 900 families from the Jesús Maria Semprúm del Sur del Lago municipality in Zulia state were assisted in a territorial deployment of street government in the communities: El Calvario, Pescadores, Cumbres del Catatumbo and the Guaicaipuro axis.

The Barrio Adentro ambulatory network participated in the comprehensive social protection day, with medical and nutritional assessment, in addition to the delivery of free medicines.

A house by house was also held together with the Local Supply and Production Committees (CLAP), as part of the food protection policies.

Social aids were given such as: baskets for newborns, orthopedic devices and water pumps.

In the same way, they installed 2 electrical transformers of 25 KVA, for the operation of the water pumps in the Cumbres de Catatumbo sector.

The mayor of the Jesús Maria Semprúm municipality, Keyrineth Fernández, reported: "We met with the Bolivarian National Armed Forces and the police security forces to plan and organize the deployment of protection in the Jesús María Semprúm municipality during the radical quarantine and flexibilization."

He added that they carry out patrols, in a civic-military union, to guarantee compliance with the established schedule for food stores and pharmacies.

He indicated that the disinfection route was established in public places of concurrence, such as main avenues, squares, passenger terminal and commercial area.

The municipal president urged the population to continue with compliance with biosecurity measures such as the use of masks, application of alcohol or antibacterial gel on the hands and, above all, physical distancing to prevent new infections of covid-19 .



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