Ambassador of India visited Sucre to strengthen commercial alliances

The regional president, Edwin Rojas, received the ambassador of India, Abhishek Singh, to refine details of the launch of the fair "Invest in Sucre"

From the office of the Sucre state government, the local president, Edwin Rojas, held a meeting with the ambassador of the Republic of India, Abhishek Singh, with the intention of strengthening ties of brotherhood between both countries.

Rojas pointed out that during the diplomat's visit they have been shown the benefits of the entity: "we have proposed to the honorable ambassador the possibility that Indian investors can come to our state to participate in the development of different areas of the economy of Sucre."

He also indicated that the objective is to open the way to sister countries in the midst of the economic blockade that the nation suffers.

The president also mentioned that he hopes that next year they can enjoy the fair entitled "Invest in Sucre." A proposal created to attract investors, entrepreneurs, who bet on the eastern region and the entire country.

Among the topics that stood out the most from the meeting were tourism, information exchange at the agricultural level and the possibility of exporting our fishery product.

For his part, Ambassador Abhishek Singh said he was happy to visit the eastern region. He also mentioned that the relationship between both countries has been strengthened in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, since Venezuela has received large donations from India.

He thanked the warm and fraternal reception that was given him in the territory and assured that thanks to this first meeting, relations between India and Venezuela will be taken to another level.

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