In Trujillo Civil Protection they remain on alert before the rains

The General Cruz Carrillo highway intervenes with pruning and chopping of trees

Around 400 officials of the Integrated Civil Protection System are deployed in the 20 municipalities of the Trujillo state on alert before the rainfall that has been registered in the entity, as well as in prevention of covid-19 and also in protection of ecclesiastical activities in the framework of Holy Week.

The information was provided by the coordinator of the Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis Operational Zone (Zoedan) Trujillo, César Fernández, who stated that both the state management and the 14 municipal directorates “are attentive and alert to water tributaries such as rivers. and streams and in high-risk areas due to the presence of these precipitations ”.

“In the majority of the municipalities of the state of Trujillo, rains of variable intensity have been registered. So far we do not have reports of damage to roads or homes, much less human lives, so we remain alert from our situational room, 24 hours a day, "he added.

Likewise, Fernández referred to the approach that Civil Protection is carrying out to the General Cruz Carrillo highway - a road that connects the Trujillo and Valera municipalities - with the control and mitigation of risk through the pike and pruning of trees, which affect visibility both drivers and passersby.

On the other hand, Fernández indicated that the orange officials continue to sensitize the Trujillo population in compliance with biosafety measures to prevent the coronavirus: social distancing, the correct use of a mask and frequent hand washing.

"We remain active, deployed and attentive to any situation that may arise in our state, from our situational room the toll-free number 0-800-8785455 is available for people to report any relevant news," he pointed out. Civil Protection is also providing support in some Trujillan churches, where the activities of the Semana Mayor take place, but with the slightest participation of parishioners.



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