Immunization of personnel on duty at the central hospital of Lara began

This Sunday, March 28, the vaccination against covid 19 of the personnel on duty began at the central university hospital “Dr. Antonio María Pineda ”, located in Barquisimeto, Lara state, as reported by the Larense governor, Adolfo Pereira.

He assured that as of this Sunday the immunization schedule for personnel begins, which will continue until it reaches all the personnel assigned to this healthcare and training center for doctors in the country. 

"Today we vaccinate the guard personnel, tomorrow others and so on, because they are in the front line of battle at the command of our Larense people," said Pereira.

The preventive mechanism against the deadly virus included in its first dose, doctors, nurses and orderlies from the main health center of the entity, where patients from neighboring states such as Yaracuy and Portuguesa also occasionally attend.



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