Hidrocaribe and Corpo Nueva Esparta repaired 59 water leaks in March

Photo: Corpo Nueva Esparta

The director of Hidrocaribe in Nueva Esparta, Marcos Abad, reported that during the month of March a total of 59 leaks were corrected in household connections in the different sectors and municipalities of the state, mainly serving the Macanao Peninsula, García and Mariño, and highlighted the great repair that was made in the Turimiquire Submarine System.

“In March we made great progress in strengthening the Nueva Esparta water system. We joined forces with the Ministry of Water, National Hydrocarbon, our protector Dante Rivas, Corpo Nueva Esparta and the mayors, and we achieved the repair in three main branches of the Main Distribution System of Drinking Water: the 36 ”steel pipe on Av Juan Bautista Arismendi near La Encrucijada, municipality of Díaz, another on the 24 ”line on Av. Fco. Esteban Gómez in front of La Arboleda, municipality of Mariño and in the 24” steel pipe in Zulica island of Coche, ”he said. .

On the other hand, he commented that corrective maintenance was carried out in three of the drinking water and sewage pumping stations: one in the Paraíso station in the Maneiro municipality, in the Dique de La Asunción, Arismendi municipality and another in Valparaíso, Juangriego, jurisdiction by Marcano.

Finally, he said that during the World Water Month celebration, and with the implementation of the Each Family One School Program, they worked with the schools Grupo Zulia, Maestro Gregorio Romero, Antonio María Martínez, Luisa Cáceres de Arismendi, Rafael Valery Maza and CEIM Papagayo , in awareness days in which 641 children and 29 teachers participated, who were made aware.

Water distribution by cisterns

The coordinator of the Water Plan for my Community, Eduardo García, reported that in March 13.835.000 liters of water were distributed in Nueva Esparta state, using tanker trucks.

He specified that of this figure 8.980.000 liters reached the communities and 4.855.000 liters to institutions and social centers.



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