Guárico Community Councils receive resources for project execution

In Guárico state, the delivery of resources approved by the Federal Council of Government to Communal Councils of the Llanera entity began, for the execution of projects that increase the development of communities and the state in areas of public services, agriculture, roads, education and others.

In this context, the governor of Guárico José Vásquez pointed out that in this first phase the Governing Council has allocated more than Bs. 583 thousand 370 million to the Grassroots Organizations of Popular Power through the platform of the Community Integration System (SINCO-Guárico) , where more than 1.530 Community Councils are registered, noting that
In a first phase, 55 projects have been approved.

For his part, the national secretary of the Federal Council of Government, Guy Vernaez, indicated that for this year there is the capacity to attend to any project in various strategic areas, arguing that this represents a commitment to the people. At the same time, he directed that once the works in the communities begin, the spokespersons must notify the progressive progress of the same through the platform.

In this first phase of delivery, the resource approval certificates were granted to 16 communal councils of the Leonardo Infante municipality, to execute projects immediately and directly, which benefit the community with the rehabilitation and improvements in basic public services and with agricultural production.



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