Governor Lizeta Hernández presented Memory and Account to the deltans

The governor highlighted the hard work, loyalty, courage and courage of the popular power and the team that have accompanied her for 12 years.

In the meeting room of the Legislative Council of the Delta Amacuro state, this Saturday, using strict biosafety measures, Governor Lizeta Hernández, the mayor of the Tucupita municipality, Loa Tamaronis, and the mayor of the municipality Antonio Díaz, Amado Heredia, presented the report of political-administrative management of fiscal year 2020 with the Report and Account.

The session began with the elevation of a prayer by Monsignor Ernesto Romero, bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Tucupita, who asked God for the peace and health of the Delta people and all of Venezuela.

The activity was broadcast live to the Delta people through the official social networks of the authorities, who issued the speech to the Delta people about the achievements made last fiscal year 2020 and their greatest difficulties.

Governor Lizeta Hernández stressed that they are 12 years of government where her banner has been the fight for social care and health for the Delta people.

“Last year we faced great difficulties, at that time when the pandemic stalked the whole world, claiming millions of lives, we have focused our efforts on social care, the preservation of life in these times of coronavirus led us towards strengthening the system of public health, with the installation of the covid-19 hospital, where we have received patients who have contracted the virus, "said Hernández.

He also pointed out that they are a protective government that has remained in constant combat and battle.

"We consolidate the educational infrastructure, decent roofs, always listening to the voice of the people, which is the voice of God, and attention to the human being is a pillar of the Bolivarian Revolution," said Hernández.

She highlighted the hard work, loyalty, bravery and courage of the popular power and the team that have accompanied her not only in 2020 but in these 12 years of government, to carry out the reins of the entity.



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