GasDrácula Corporation will inaugurate ninth gas plant in Carabobo

The GasDrácula Corporation will soon inaugurate the ninth fixed gas distribution plant on the Carabobo coast, with the purpose of advancing shipments in the entity. 

José Parada, deputy to the AN and responsible for gas in Carabobo, reported that the Government team is working on the installation of the plant in the Juan José Mora municipality, a town that will add the ninth center to the state. 

“We already have fixed distribution plants in Guacara, Mariara, Puerto Cabello, Libertador, Montalban and three in Valencia. The idea is that this novena contributes to improving the supply of both residential and commercial gas in that locality, which, like others, was strongly hit by the lack of carbide during 2020 at the national level ”, he explained. 

Although Parada did not specify the date of its inauguration, it stressed that the intention is to replicate these plants in various municipalities of the state. 

Likewise, the parliamentarian assured that during the first quarter of 2021 more than 650 thousand Carabobo families have been served, thanks to the incorporation of 16 mobile GasDrácula plants, which allow the 10 and 18 kg cylinders to be recharged directly in the communities. 

"This initiative has caused a lot of impact at the national level, since we save time and use of our fleet of vehicles by recharging the cylinders quickly and safely," he said. 

Likewise, Parada reported that during this year, Governor Rafael Lacava repowering the primary and secondary fleet of vehicles, with 150 rolling stock in full operation. 

The person responsible for gas in Carabobo also highlighted the work articulated between popular power and the Corporation to carry out successful work in this area. 

“We hope that in the next 40 days the energy issue can be notably resolved. We recognize organized popular power. We have more than 20 groups that have been working directly in the communities ”, he pointed out. 



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