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Francisco de Miranda Front celebrates one more year of struggle

From the Plaza Bolívar in the historic Angostura del Orinoco, social fighters from the Francisco de Miranda Front (FFM), from Bolívar state, announced the celebration of their 29th anniversary, which will take place nationwide on Monday, June XNUMX, to reaffirm its commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution and to the legacy of Commander Chávez.

Anniversary that they celebrate with social distancing, a wreath and a media tour to the different radio stations, the FFM commemorates 17 years of perennial struggle to maintain the Chávez legacy over time.

The director of the FFM, in Bolívar state, María Eugenia Abad, accompanied by the FFM State General Staff and social fighters, explained that Commander Hugo Chávez and Commander Fidel Castro created this social political organization 17 years ago in order to carry out strategic tasks to consolidate the Revolution.

"The FFM arrives to support and carry forward the Identity Mission, the José Gregorio Hernández Mission, the Energy Mission with the change of energy-saving light bulbs, among others, the Tree Mission, as well as in other trenches," said Abad.

The head of the FFM in Bolívar also stated that the Front today continues to be an instrument that supports the management of the revolutionary government under President Nicolás Maduro Moros, which expresses itself socially: being deployed nationally alongside the Mission Barrio Adentro in the house-to-house screening in the battle against the covid-19.

He commented regarding agri-food production, this organization continues to develop productive experiences in the NBC Community Base Nuclei, these Nuclei are the Basic organization unit of the Front in the parishes, territories from which bio-financing plans are executed, voluntary social and planting work in the agri-food training nuclei of the Fidel Project. 

«17 years of history, assuming with the greatest commitment to continue raising the flags of Bolivarianism. This anniversary has its sights set on the Bicentennial of the Battle of Carabobo 2021, where we will arrive victorious, "concluded Abad.

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