FarmaMiranda mobile unit serves families in El Tuy

More than 3.500 people bought their medicines at solidarity prices in the FarmaMiranda mobile unit, which toured the Cristóbal Rojas and Rafael Urdaneta municipalities in Valles del Tuy. The health care program is promoted by the Government of Miranda.

This Thursday, the mobile pharmacy was installed in Plaza Ezequiel Zamora in Cúa. More than 1.500 medicines were sold, whose favored ones were saved from 40% to 60% discount in prices.

"Thanks to the program activated by the Government of Miranda, we can guarantee families access to medicines at affordable prices," said Mayor Gabriela Simoza.

Another 2.000 Charallavans bought their medicines in the mobile unit, which was placed in the spaces of the Dr. José Ramón Figuera outpatient clinic in the Patrocinio Peñuela Ruiz sector, informed Dr. Angélica Rodríguez, the sole health authority in Cristóbal Rojas.  

"Despite the economic war induced by the stateless right, we have made available to the residents all kinds of medicines necessary to treat diseases, especially chronic pathologies."

At the Santa Teresita de Jesús hospital in the Independencia municipality, 78 older adults with chronic diseases, such as high blood pressure and diabetes mellitus, were given medications, revealed Dr. Evi Padilla, director of the health center. 

He said that the care is carried out with the purpose of improving the quality of life of these patients, guaranteeing that they can have their medicines totally free.



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