Fall of the Guarataro bridge isolates agricultural sectors in Bolívar

Producers, peasants, indigenous people and inhabitants of the Guarataro parish, Sucre municipality of Bolívar state, reported on the collapse of the bridge over the Guarataro river due to lack of maintenance.

More than nine communities are affected by this collapse, including: La Zamura, La Luisa, Tacuto, Reforma, Tiquire, Jusein, Palo Quemao, La Cooperativa and Bolecohino, areas inhabited by approximately more than 4 thousand people who depend on agriculture as an economic activity.

Pedro Domínguez, resident of La Zamura, assures that the collapse of the bridge is due to lack of maintenance and the neglect of the competent entities, «since we have repeatedly denounced, through the press, social networks, WhatsApp groups and even now we have not received any response from the authorities.

Domínguez said that last month it rained heavily for the area and the poor condition of the structure along with the growth of the Caura river, caused the bridge to give way and will leave these communities isolated from the rest of the municipality.

For his part, Alirio Rodríguez, a resident of Tiquire, commented that the seriousness of the situation is that the Guarataro bridge is the means of transport for farmers whose work is now affected by the impossibility of moving easily.

«Today we only have passage on motorcycles and on foot (…) that is how we are working. We transfer vegetables, and we support each other with our motorcycles, so we lose a lot of time, in addition to the forced work that we now go through, "said Rodríguez.

"The call is to the authorities to resolve this situation, every year with the rainy season something happens, or a bridge falls or the streets do not work and we are the most affected," he concluded.



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