Falcón government restricts access to beaches in Paraguaná and Morrocoy

Spas will be closed to the public as a measure to contain contagions of covid-19

The restriction on access to the beaches in spas on the Paraguaná Peninsula and the Morrocoy National Park as a measure to stop the increase in infections caused by covid-19, was reiterated by the Governor of Falcón, Víctor Clark, during a radio address this Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Clark recalled that neither the beaches of Paraguaná, nor Morrocoy will be available to the public during Holy Days, so the security agencies will be in charge of surveillance and strict compliance with biosafety regulations in the region.

The governor recognized the economic impact that this quarantine entails at Easter, but warned that it is the only way in which the virus's spread curve can be contained.

For his part, Yves Marcano, regional secretary of Tourism, indicated through a telephone call to the radio program, that he is conducting inspection tours in the Silva and Monseñor Iturriza municipalities, on the eastern coast of Falcón, where everything is without incident.

The official stated that members of the GNB and Polifalcón are conducting constant inspection days in inns, shops and hotels to verify that there is no crowding of people and that the restriction of all tourism-related activities is being complied with.

In Paraguaná, Chief Commissioner Jesús López Marcano, director of the Municipal Police in Carirubana, reported that all access to the beaches on the peninsula will be restricted during the holy days holiday.

The measure will apply in the three peninsular municipalities - Carirubana, Los Taques and Falcón - which also implies that those who do not comply will receive talks about the coronavirus, its contagion and spread.



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