Eloy Gutiérrez: I prefer ÚN because of its evolution

Consider that the web version is a useful tool to be informed at the moment.

Eloy Gutiérrez is a regular reader of the newspaper Últimas Noticias. He remembers that for more than 50 years he had already consulted the newspaper that arrived in the homes of Cojedes in tabloid format. It was customary in Eloy's family to be informed by the newspaper on a daily basis and a link was created by the way the news was described. He comments that now the tradition has passed to his son and hopes to do the same with his grandson, because of the similarity that this newspaper has with the people.

Consider this newspaper as close to town. "The holders of Últimas Noticias they have always been like the people. They are more similar to what is lived on the street and that is why people commented on it in those days, and we always looked for it to keep up to date with national events, ”he points out.

The different formats of news, inserts, books, collectible magazines and the entertainment of the newspaper have been fundamental in the proximity and education of the Venezuelan, the great variety of opinion articles and the balance are one of the reasons why the Gutiérrez family prefers to Últimas Noticias.

Every Sunday for decades and decades, citizens looked for the Reader's Defender, always with the necessary clarity to provide tools to their cultural training. The simple prose of Professor Alexis Márquez Rodríguez and his column on the language was essential to bring the newspaper closer to the people.

"People have our hearts inclined to what we like the most, Últimas Noticias It offers a lot of variety, diversity, and always trying to create that necessary balance in the news, other newspapers were more formal, with technicalities, that is why I emphasize that it is a newspaper that resembles the people, that expresses itself in a Venezuelan way, ”he says.

Despite changes in society, the new tools have allowed both the headlines and the body of the news to be easily accessible for Venezuelans and people around the world, Gutiérrez points out that through social networks, the Venezuelan has been able to educate, inform and entertain themselves from the hand of the newspaper.

“Year after year, I have seen that Últimas Noticias it has been surpassed, improved and continues to reach homes. Despite the economic situation and the pandemic, people always try to acquire it physically and although the form does not arrive frequently in Cojedes, we have the option of being informed through new technologies, "he said.

For the development of his work, Eloy goes daily to social networks, and the web version of Últimas Noticias —Assures— is of great help because it contains up-to-date information on the country's regions, as well as breaking news, which arrive in real time via the web.

“There is recent information, at the moment, that is not in the form. The web is a useful tool. People have had to adapt to this digital age. I always share the news, especially from the regions, I am waiting for them to publish something from Cojedes to share it with my contacts, to inform them ”.

He laughs that “some have even told me that I am a town crier of Últimas Noticias".

Like Eloy, there are countless lame families who identify and remain as readers and followers of Últimas Noticias.

"I still prefer the newspaper, for all that it offers and because over time they are continually evolving alongside Venezuelans," he said.

On the radio

Eloy Rafael Gutiérrez is a Cojedeño broadcaster, with more than 40 years of experience in broadcasting. It started on Radio Cumbre 1370 AM, located in Mérida, Mérida state. He is a geographer graduated from the Universidad de los Andes (ULA), specializing in the environmental area. He graduated with a degree in Social Communication from the Bolivarian University and has worked in Cojedes in the Press Department of different institutions, always doing radio. He currently works as a producer and newscaster on Invicta 93.9 FM, an institutional radio station of the Cojedes government. In 1983 he settled in the city of San Carlos, capital of the Cojedes state. Here he married and his first child was born and also his 10-year-old grandson.



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