Deaths increase to 21 in the Mocotíes Valley in Mérida

Search and rescue operations continue in the El Corozo sector of the Tovar municipality, where another lifeless body was found last Saturday, raising the death toll to 21, after heavy rainfall. The protector of the entity Jehyson Guzmán regretted the event and confirmed the news.

The deceased person was identified as José Barajas Caicedo (34), of Colombian nationality. It was located walled in the street 21 exit via Zea, El Corozo sector. The rescue was carried out by the Merida State Firefighters.

The security and prevention bodies continue in the rescue and care work for the populations affected by the rains since last Monday, August 23.

Construction material arrives

The Minister of Popular Power for Habitat and Housing, Idelmaro Villarroel, reported on the arrival of 120 tons of material for the rehabilitation of the affected homes in Tovar, which are at the mild and severe levels.

He explained that this first installment will benefit 50 families who have been duly registered by the Mission We are Venezuela.
He explained that the material consists of 30 tons of cement, 14.000 meters of cable, 1.120 light bulbs, toilet kits, main doors and 16.000 blocks.

In addition to 5 Dulcosa kits, which are homes of 70 meters, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, added Villarroel.
Humanitarian aid . Deputy Jehyson Guzmán indicated that aid from private institutions and companies is reaching the affected areas.

"The Polar company, the Caritas de Venezuela organization, and Acnur delivered the donations to the families in the emergency areas," Guzmán stressed.

He pointed out that the passage to the axis of the Mocotíes Valley is restricted. Work is being done on clearing Trunk 007 and there is an established schedule for vehicular traffic to carry help, between 5 am and 9 am; after 9 am to 7 pm work is carried out with heavy machinery.

120 tons of material arrived for the rehabilitation of the affected homes in Tovar


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