Date palm extraction in Margarita has permission from the mayor's office

The Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism carried out an inspection in the town of San Juan Bautista, Díaz municipality of Nueva Esparta state. Photo: Minec

In the town of San Juan Bautista, Díaz municipality of Nueva Esparta state, an inspection process was carried out by the Ministry of Popular Power for Ecosocialism in order to verify the complaints received through telephone social networks, regarding the extraction of the Date Palm.

"We have conducted interviews with producers of the Díaz municipality in order to verify what is happening and they are effectively extracting the palm but with their permission as indicated by the norm, in conjunction with the authorities of the region," said the director General of Biological Diversity of the Minec, Carliz Díaz.

Blanca Carrión Velásquez, head of the Municipal Environmental Directorate, pointed out that since the Date Palm is the emblematic tree of the municipality, the city council is responsible for enforcing the ordinance that guarantees its preservation over time, for which at the time of giving the permits for its extraction, the existing population of this tree is confirmed.

José Félix Velásquez, producer of the Date Palm, indicated that this trade has several benefits. «We have this tradition of sowing it for many benefits such as the extraction of the bush, which we sell to decorate streets and avenues. The bud with which the traditional Margarita hats are made is also taken out ».

Luis Millán is also a producer of this emblematic plant species on the island of Margarita and assured that in the plantations located in the Díaz municipality there are a large number of adult trees and seedlings to continue with its production.



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