Covid vaccination brigades will be deployed in La Asunción

To date, a total of 210 thousand people have been vaccinated, which represents 40% of the population. Photos: Dante Rivas Press

This Friday the seventh vaccination center against covid-19 was inaugurated in the state of Nueva Esparta, located in the House of Cultural Diversity in La Asunción, from where the vaccination brigades will leave house by house to attend to people with problems of mobility, this was announced by the political head of the island, Dante Rivas.

Rivas said that to date a total of 210 people have been vaccinated, which represents 40% of the population. He explained that this new center will serve 500 people daily to reach the figure of 8 thousand vaccinated every day in the state, thanks to the committed work of health personnel.

«For the Bolivarian Revolution the health of the people is very important. Today we are in the Arismendi municipality inaugurating a vaccination center against covid19, with the capacity of 500 vaccinated. In the state we already have 7 centers installed and 93 thousand doses were received to keep the centers active and start the deployment of the house-to-house brigades to attend to people with mobility problems, ”said Rivas.

For his part, the mayor of the jurisdiction, Alí ​​Romero thanked him for making this center possible. "In a short time we will have our entire community in the Arismendi municipality immunized."



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