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Corpoelec performed maintenance at the main Barbacoa substation

To guarantee a reliable electricity service in the Anzoátegui state, workers from the National Electric Corporation (Corpoelec) carried out corrective and preventive maintenance at the main Barbacoa substation, located in the rural area of ​​Barcelona, ​​for load transfer with the national interconnected.

Through the social networks, Corpoelec explained that during the work, switches were replaced in the Clarines and Poblado circuits, deteriorated disconnectors and hot spots were corrected. "In addition to evaluating and configuring the protection system schemes."

Likewise, they indicate in the publications that the revision of the 400 kV Barbacoa II-Jose line was carried out, in the northern area of ​​Anzoátegui.
"Personnel from the transmission area traveled the line from tower 80 to tower 86 to evaluate and make a diagnosis, with the aim of strengthening and continuing to provide a reliable electrical system to the Anzoatiguense people."