Consultation on reform of the Free Port Law begins

The deputy to the National Assembly for the state of Nueva Esparta, Dante Rivas, announced that a high-level commission was created that will be in charge of developing the Draft Law of the Special Regime for Socioeconomic and Productive Development of the island entity, which will be It will be in charge of gathering the observations and recommendations of each one of the sectors that make life in the region.

Rivas specified that this instance, made up of representatives of the public and private sectors, state deputies, workers and business chambers, will lead the great public consultation that they will do so that the voice of Nueva Esparta rises and all these proposals serve as a reference for your writing.

He indicated that the intention is to promote a legal instrument that establishes a special economic regime differentiated from the rest of the national territory to provide the neo-Spartans with a set of norms that strengthen their cultural heritage and reduce the risks derived from the condition of insularity, by strengthening of popular integration and economic - productive activities as essential elements of protection and social development.

“We already have a digital form in which they can start making their contributions. Everyone is invited to participate by entering the link where you can answer the questions indicated there. Together we can do it. Let's all add. Nueva Esparta, we are going ahead, ”he said.

In this questionnaire, which includes 13 questions, the aspects that will be addressed in the bill on the following areas are considered: The Condition of Insularity, the Nueva Esparta Special Economic Regime, the Special Monetary and Exchange Regime and the applicable Special Regime to National and Foreign Investments in the entity.

In addition, the Special Labor Regime, Special Regime applicable to the Productive Sectors, the Promotion and Facilitation of Commerce in the state and the Socio-economic Management and Administration of the Insular Free Port Regime.



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