Cleared roads affected by rain in the Pinto Salinas de Mérida municipality

Photo: @jehysonguzman

Bolivarian Government entities deployed heavy machinery and crews of workers to clear roads affected by the rains in the Antonio Pinto Salinas de Mérida municipality, specifically in two stretches of road and six sectors.

The information was confirmed this Monday by the jurisdiction's political protector, Javier Dávila, and by specialized sources from the Ministry of Popular Power for Public Works (MPPOP).

"We attended to emergencies in the El Estadio, La Capilla, La Batea, Quebrada El Barro, El Tabacal and El Romero sectors (...) cleaning the road affected by landslides and removing more than 650 cubic meters (of material)", published about these eventualities, the instagram account of the political protector of Mérida, Jehyson Guzmán.

The abundant rainfall, which fell on the recent weekend in the Merida state, caused an increase in flow in several streams and rivers, as well as the carrying of sediment on the road sections: La Victoria - El Peñón and La Victoria - Romero, detail minutes of work on the deployment of machinery, shared with the Venezuelan News Agency (AVN).

In this report, there is the removal of some 720 cubic meters of material and the support of two cargo vehicles, affected during the contingency. So far, there are no reports of affected people.

Workers of the MPPOP, members of Civil Protection (PC) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GNB) participate in the work, while maintaining permanent monitoring of rivers and risk areas, in the event of eventual rains.



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