Ciudad Bolívar users report failure in the Movistar signal

Report lack of coverage since last September 11

Through the different media and social networks, users and customers of the telephone company Movistar reported connection failures, some said they had no signal since last Saturday, September 11, while others claim to be without data or telephone signal since Sunday, September 12 .

Inhabitants of Ciudad Bolívar, a narrow municipality of the Orinoco, denounce failures in the connectivity of the data signal and mobile telephony in the capital of the state of Bolívar, Movistar has not yet pronounced before the court.

Through the networks they have asked the company to comment, so far without any response. We checked the official portal of the telephone company and they have not issued any official statement until noon on Monday, September 13, 2021.

Some users attribute the absence of a telephone signal to the failure of the National Electric System, which is why they estimate that the electricity failed at the Movistar power station and hence the absence of the telephone.

They estimate that in the next few hours the signal will be restored, since many Bolivians are cut off unless they have Wi-Fi or other communication companies.

Movilnet and Digitel users have also reported failures, although the outage has not been as long as Movistar's.



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