Charallavense merchants face to face against covid-19

They use bleach, liquid soap, hypochlorite, disinfectant, and alcohol to sanitize the areas. Courtesy Secretariat of Consumer Protection of Charallave.

A disinfection and sanitation process began in the commercial establishments, mini-commercial centers and shopping centers located in the 12 territorial axes of the Cristóbal Rojas municipality (Charallave) of the Miranda state, as a prevention of the Brazilian variants of covid-19.

The work is supervised by the officials of the Secretariat for Consumer Protection, the Municipal Superintendency of Taxes in Cristóbal Rojas (Sumatcrir), the Municipal Police, the Bolivarian National Guard and the Secretariat for Citizen Security; as well as street and community leaders, who are the guarantors that cleanliness actions are carried out to avoid contagion and spread of the pandemic. 

Mayor Humberto Marte Tejada reported that more than 70% of the commercial and business sector has joined the cleaning actions of the spaces where they carry out economic activities and preserve the sanitary biosafety and hygiene measures in terms of user care. 

This Wednesday, the premises of axes 2 and 10 located in the central helmet and La Mata sector were cleaned up. Last Tuesday the businesses on axes 1, 6 and 9 in Ciudad Miranda, Jabillito, Chujuali, La Colmena, La Juventud, La Estrella, Colinas de Santa Rosa, Milagro de Dios, Colinas de Chara, Altos del Dividivi, were disinfected. Paso Real 2000, Dividivi, Paraíso de Santa Inés, Terrazas de Río Tuy, Pitahaya, Samanes de Betania and La Zamurera.

"We congratulate those merchants and businessmen who on their own initiative have joined in disinfection actions to prevent and minimize the spread of covid-19," said Marte Tejada. The mayor warned that the merchant who fails to comply with the regulations for the prevention of the pandemic and refuses to disinfect and clean his premises will be subject to a penalty for 72 hours of closure and a fine from the Sumatcrir.

“It is necessary to remember that the sanitation days of the establishments, centers and mini-commercial centers are the responsibility of the owners and managers of the same. Preventing the spread of this pandemic and its variants P1 and P2 is everyone's responsibility ”, he emphasized.

Carlos Jaimes, secretary of Citizen Security of the municipality, indicated that merchants should clean the facades of their premises, bars, windows, parking, common areas, internal and external areas with chlorine, liquid soap, hypochlorite and disinfectant. 

He added that Thursday corresponds to the merchants who carry out economic activity in the communities of axes 3 and 11 in Curaciripa, La Horquilla, Barrio Ajuro, La Magdalena, Matalinda, La Juasgüita and urban planning located on the Charallave - Ocumare highway.

Friday corresponds to the businesses of axes 4 and 5 in Caujarito, La Roca, Agrarios, Base de Misiones Manuelita Sáenz, La Chivera, La Calera, urb. Santa Rosa, Tricentenaria, Madosa, Los Olivos, Charallave Norte, Arichuna.

On Saturday at axes 7 and 8 in Las Brisas, Zone 01, Zone 02, Zone 04, Zone 05, Las Brisas, Valle de Chara, Airport, Los Anaucos, Sabaneta, Caíza, Lagunita, Las Casitas, La Montañita, Calle el Colegio, El Desvío, El Bambú, La Fila, Cerro de los Chivos, El Pauji.



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