Chamos from La Guaira will learn languages ​​on vacation

High school students from La Guaira will be able to learn English, Mandarin Chinese or Russian, during school holidays and from their nearest school, as part of the "Open Schools" program promoted by the national government.

La Guaira activated 11 schools, for this training activity, under the responsibility of the Language School of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (Fanb), said Daniel González, director of the Educational Zone of the entity.

"This 2020-21 school year, of distance education, culminated with 5.200 high school graduates, 85.000 students in pursuit of studies, who will be able to train in a language on vacation," said González.

He indicated that one school per parish will be opened for language training, as well as enrollment of some 5.200 high school graduates in Opsu for their university training, in careers such as: Comprehensive Community Medicine, Security, Administration and «careers linked to the productive development of La Guaira ».

He said that municipal education served 814 boys and girls, at the initial and maternal level, in the eight Centers of Integral Municipality of Initial Education (Cimei), attached to the Mayor's Office of Vargas, where about 140 children were promoted to the education stage basic.

«Parents were and continue to be the main protagonists in this semi-face-to-face process. Every day they added more efforts, for the training of their children and now in the recovery plan of 65 schools, as well as desks type tables-chairs, "said the head of the Educational Zone.

La Guaira closes this school year, with the first place in the Natural Sciences Challenge of the Ministry of Education, where the Santo Domingo de Guzmán and Josefa Joaquina Sánchez schools were winners, as well as the first positions in the Mathematics Challenge, in the levels of initial, primary and secondary education, thanks to the pedagogical and recreational strategies developed at home.



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