Carrizalez: Bolivarian Shield is vital in containing terrorism

The Governor of Apure state, Ramón Carrizalez Rengifo, highlighted the importance of Operation Bolivarian Shield undertaken by the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), in containing terrorism from neighboring Colombia. "First of all, to tell the people that our Armed Forces have permanently fought these irregular groups on the border, which disguised as revolutionaries are dedicated to extortion and crime, and fundamentally to drug trafficking," said the regional president.

The statement was made from the radio program "With the people", broadcast by the Sanfernandina radio station, where the governor reported on the situation in the town of La Victoria, Páez municipality of Apure state.

The authority highlighted that “there has been an increase in activities to attack drug trafficking throughout our country. At the end of last year there was an operation that was very important, which dismantled these groups and then this year there have been other operations along all the borders and we saw how drugs were obtained in different municipalities in a hurry. In other words, these areas, because they are basically flat, have been used on different occasions by elements of drug trafficking ”.

The governor highlighted "the large number of aircraft that have been disabled in Antarctica," in which the FANB have been in a permanent fight against these irregular groups. He defended the work carried out in the eradication of crimes such as "extortion and activities of all kinds typical of drug trafficking gangs", for which this operation of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces ordered by President Nicolás Maduro is ordered.

Carrizalez said that in certain areas of Apure there has been a type of war that has never been practiced in our territory such as minefields, with the placing of explosives on the roads, attacks on vehicles with artisanal and industrial explosives. “All these (actions) prepared by an important technical level, which gives us to understand about the advice that these groups have that have destroyed assets of the Republic, armored vehicles, have assassinated officers of our Armed Forces and blew up customs. secondary school that is in La Victoria, ”he lamented.

The hurried governor was emphatic in saying that "it is convenient for the Colombian State to maintain the speech of violation of human rights to discredit our government. He added that "the media attack is directed by a laboratory that is colored by the CIA, which attacks brutally and immediately."



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