Caretta caretta turtle rescued from shores of Lake Maracaibo

Two fishermen alerted the Maracaibo Police about the presence of a sea turtle of the Caretta caretta species, in danger of extinction, which was found on the shores of the lake, specifically in the Santa Rosa de Agua sector. The animal was rescued by the lake section of the police force.

The turtle was stationed in the vicinity of the Ecos del Zulia Luz del Mundo sector, 35th street of the Coquivacoa parish. 

Police authorities, in the company of veterinarians from Eco Mapache Aventura, participated in the rescue and remain in the area to protect the Caretta caretta turtle, also known as the Loggerhead Turtle. The animal has an approximate weight of about 100 kilograms.

The turtle will receive the full attention of marine biologists while it remains protected and with the necessary hydration on the Gran Cacique Guaraní beach, under police custody and then returned to its natural habitat.



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