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They clean the Caratal Canal to improve water supply in Anzoátegui

The cleaning works of the Caratal Canal, the only water intake from the Neverí river for the water treatment plants that supply the four cities in the northern part of the Anzoátegui state, are carried out without stopping the service.

The president of the State Highway and Infrastructure Corporation (Covinea) and head of the government's public services cabinet, Katiuska Homsi, reported that maintenance started “with the removal of sediment and plant debris that reduce the flow and speed of the precious liquid. '

He explained that in this first stage, 6.8 kilometers of the 19 extension of the canal are being intervened, "in conjunction with the Hidrológica del Caribe, the municipalities of Puerto La Cruz, Guanta, Lechería and Barcelona, ​​the work is being carried out with more than 150 workers ; and with heavy equipment and machinery from the Ministry of Public Works and Barrio Nuevo Barrio Tricolor ”.

For its part, the hydrological company reported that the maintenance works are part of the "action plan to improve the drinking water distribution system in the municipalities of the northern zone."

The canal built in 1958 to serve as agricultural irrigation for the San Diego and El Rincón populations, located in the rural area of ​​Puerto La Cruz, has served for decades to channel the water from the Neverí River to the José Antonio Anzoátegui and El Rincón, to supply more than a million inhabitants.

The Anzoátegui State College of Engineers and environmental groups have exposed the vulnerability of the system for years and the need to build a new raw water intake for the water treatment plants.