Bridge inaugurated in the Páez municipality of Apure state

The bridge has a resistance of 60 tons, is 12 meters long and 3,60 wide / Photos courtesy of the Páez mayor's office.

The mayor of the Páez municipality (Apure), hand in hand with the regional government, inaugurated a bridge in an important rural sector called Las Trincheras in the Guasdualito parish and will benefit more than 70 producers in the area.

This was reported by Mayor José María Romero who explained that this box bridge has a resistance of 60 tons, 12 meters long and 3,60 wide. Romero also added that in unity with the community "We baptized him Pedro León Campos in homage to a worker and fighter in the area who is no longer among us."

Similarly, the municipal authority commented that the producers of this agricultural sector will be able to transport their items such as milk, cheese, bananas, cassava, mole, corn and sugar cane more comfortably to be distributed to the different regional and national markets.

"We also enabled more than 6 km of agricultural roads, which will significantly improve the quality of life of the inhabitants of this community, without overlooking the fact that this work was carried out between the Apure state government, the Páez municipality mayor's office, and the producers. and producers in the area ”said Romero.

To conclude, the mayor of the border municipality José Antonio Páez, José Romero said "Today a great achievement was materialized, a joint effort, with the people who participate together with us as a government in the construction of solutions for good living."



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