Bridge fell in the production area of ​​the Sosa municipality in Barinas

Several communities were cut off after the fall of the structure.

Several productive communities of the Pedro Felipe Sosa municipality, belonging to the state of Barinas, were cut off after the fall of the bridge located in the San Rafael sector, Ciudad de Nutrias parish, of the aforementioned jurisdiction.

Inhabitants of the area reported that the structure collapsed just as a heavy dump truck passed by.

Given the fact that it affects agricultural producers from El Regalo, Guanarito and El Chorrosco, among others, the Government of Barinas carries out - through the Institute of Transportation and Roads (Intravial) - an evaluation of the damages to start the adaptation and recovery of the structure.

The governor of the entity, Argenis Chávez, reported that he appointed the Intravial team to attend to this situation and assured that the technical report is already being drawn up in order to determine the causes that generated the fall of the passageway and restore the passage in the largest as soon as possible.

The regional president stressed that together with the Ministry of Public Works a preventive maintenance plan is being carried out on bridges with high and medium vehicular traffic in order to avoid incidents before the arrival of the rainy season.



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