Bolívar Public Health guarantees care for 1.950 indigenous people

2.280 doses of different vaccines were applied to indigenous peoples' communities.

The Bolívar State Public Health Institute (Ispeb) held a comprehensive community health conference for the indigenous communities of the Pijiguaos parish, Cedeño municipality, Bolívar state, with more than 1.950 people benefited, according to information provided by the government. 

Eleven communities of the Hottua indigenous people were served, such as Tierra Blanca, Caño Pendare, San Rafael de Parhuaza, Caño Lombriz, Arume, Caño Bejuco, Salto Maraca, Caño Cucurital, Salto Toro, Cerro Cucurital and Caño Blanco.

The health team carried out medical consultations, deworming, pregnancy control, nutrition, height and weight of the population, as well as screening for malaria.

Free vaccination

2.280 doses of different vaccines were applied to the communities of the native peoples, free of charge to continue with the protection scheme through immunization.



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