Bolívar began discussion of the draft Law on Economic Zones

The Vice Minister for the Development of Special Economic Zones, Juan Arias Palacio, held a meeting with workers in the region.

The Vice Minister for the Development of Special Economic Zones, Juan Arias Palacio, reported that together with the governor of the state Bolívar Justo Noguera Pietri, they held a meeting with the workers of the region, to promote State policies and strategies in the entity as SEZ.

Juan Arias pointed out that for six months he has been touring the country with the purpose of strengthening the development of the Special Economic Zones, in addition to bringing the proposed Law to discussion with the popular power, which was already approved by the AN in the first place. discussion.

"The strategy of the Special Economic Zones can have a splendor in Bolívar state that encourages well-paid jobs and the development of new industries, and the existing ones must be recovered and promoted, such as the iron and steel sector of the Guayana region" .

For his part, the governor of Bolívar stated that: “with this project, once approved in the entity, the forms of payment would be promoted through cryptocurrencies. With the Special Economic Zones it is going to consider how we are going to get ahead of this infamous blockade with criminal sanctions imposed by the US government.

The Special Commission was appointed at the meeting to present a proposal for the creation of a Special Economic Zone in the Bolívar state in order to foster and promote future jobs in the Guayana region.



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