Bolívar activates 25 Transbolívar units upon receipt of 10 Yutong buses

The mayor of the Caroní municipality Tito Oviedo and the deputy, Ángel Marcano announced the activation of 25 Transbolívar units that will be at the service of the people.

"Now the Guyanese will have quality units that will provide a better service to our people, covering the route from Puerto Ordaz - San Félix", as stated by the Mayor of Caroní, Tito Oviedo.

For his part, Congressman Ángel Marcano explained that 10 of these units are totally new and 15 were recovered by the working class of Guyana, showing that by working in perfect unity we can do more. He added; «We promised our people that we would improve the city's transport service and today we are delivering on it. In Bolívar, transportation is reborn ».

During this activity were present Magdiel Briceño, President of Transbolívar and Vice President of Territorial Development of CVG; Arquímedes Hidalgo, president of CVG Alcasa; Gilberto Alcalá, Cleb deputy and organized popular power.

Briceño, president of Transbolívar, indicated that during these two weeks the transport service of these units will be totally free, due to the adaptation of the monetary cone.

Finally, Mayor Tito Oviedo added that other Transbolívar units will soon be activated to progressively improve the city's transportation service.



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