Government of Bolívar strengthens attention to indigenous communities

Comprehensive care in the Gran Sabana municipality

In the municipality of Gran Sabana, a work agenda began in the deployment of the Government of the Street, with tasks assigned to the Commissioner's Office of the municipality, in charge of Javier Pérez, according to the information provided by the government of Bolívar.

Days of cleaning, weeding, inspection of works, delivery of sports equipment, recovery of roads, in addition to the provision of the Local Committee and delivery of medical supplies.

Comprehensive care for indigenous people

Indigenous communities were cared for: San Ignacio de Yuruaní, Santa Cruz de Mapaurí, Kumaracapay, Uroy Uaray, Kanavayén, among others, with the provision of medical supplies to supply the health modules in the area, while the works were inspected and general cleaning work and delivery of sports equipment, in the same way the government team managed to serve various organized communities.

It was learned that during the tour, works carried out in the road section of Troncal 10 were inspected, with the conformation and leveling of 100 meters, works carried out by AsfaltoBolívar and TransBolívar for the road recovery of the sector.

Also Keeway I, Puente Guayabal and La Orquídea, were benefited with weeding of fields and common areas, benefits for the indigenous and Venezuelan peoples of the Gran Sabana municipality.



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