Barquisimetanas are assisted with high cost exams

Breast echoes and laboratory tests have been some of the supports provided

Forty women from different communities in the Iribarren municipality (Barquisimeto) in Lara state, received financial assistance to pay for medical studies of preventive health.

In this regard Francys Vivas, president of the Municipal Institute for Women and Gender Equality (Immi), attached to the Mayor of Iribarren, specified that it is the social program "Women, Health and Life."

The most recent contribution being an investment of more than 2.500 million bolivars to meet the medical diagnosis requirements of forty women from Barquisimeta.

"Mammograms, breast echoes and high-cost laboratory tests have been some of the supports provided since the aforementioned program was created last May," Vivas explained in a press release.

The program emphasizes families who have financial difficulties to take care of their health and thus prevent diseases, "such as breast cancer, to mention a recurrent pathology in the female gender," Vivas added.

He indicated that through the official networks @immioficial both on Twitter and Instagram, those interested can request their incorporation to this program, as well as check the status of their request. 



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