Asphalt Party Plan arrives in La Guaira and Aragua

Vías de Aragua crews deployed in different areas of the entity.

In the states of La Guaira and Aragua, improvements and rehabilitation of the roads are applied with the asphalt plans carried out by the regional governments.

In the Caraballeda parish, six kilometers of roads are recovered in the first phase of the "Fiesta del Asfalto" plan, which is carried out by the regional government authority, in order to rehabilitate the La Guaira road.

"We have already started the laying of 240 tons of asphalt of the 800 that requires quality work, in addition to the demarcation of six kilometers of roads," said José Alejandro Terán, mayor of Vargas, who highlighted the contribution of the private company and that It will arrive at the 11 parishes of La Guaira.

Terán recalled that this comprehensive plan consists of lighting, tree pruning, decoration, landscaping, demarcation of spaces and repair of 300 meters of sidewalk.

"We are going to make Caraballeda more and more beautiful, brighter and safer." The purpose is to provide better conditions to develop tourism and urban development in the parish, which is home to one of the most visited spas and creative or nautical clubs.


Signage and road grating of José María España avenue in Caraballeda, was carried out thanks to the contribution of special paints, cat eyes and other supplies by the Optimavial company, as a social contribution and joint responsibility with La Guaira.

Luis Hernández, president of Optimavial, said that "it is an effort to provide a better quality of life to Guaireños, in terms of infrastructure and roads," this as part of co-responsibility with the state and social responsibility.

They applied 240 tons of asphalt on the six kilometers of roads.

More than 800 tons of asphalt placed in Aragon communities

A total of 800 tons of asphalt were placed in different localities of the Aragüeña entity during the month of September, as part of a plan executed by the regional government for the corrective and preventive maintenance of the roads in the communities, works that include the Carrying out pruning and weeding work along the central island of the Central Regional Highway - Aragua section.

Yafar Monrroy, president of the state company Vías de Aragua, explained that the municipality where the largest amount of asphalt was dumped is Mariño (Turmero), where they placed 776 tons in sectors such as El Tierral, Valle Lindo, La Casona I, Los Mangos, Menca de Leoni and the central helmet of Turmero; in addition to the patching work carried out on Casanova Godoy avenues,
Doctor Montoya and at the La Encrucijada distributor.

Another 300 tons of asphalt were placed in different areas of the Aragüean capital, among which are the Fuerza Aéreas avenue, adjacent to the San José Social Security, Agrofanb highway, Casa de la Moneda, Casanova Godoy avenue, Brisas del Lago, Maracay and San Jacinto terminal, in addition to the work carried out on the road that leads to the coastal town of Choroní.

Other localities served were the municipalities Revenga (El Consejo) where they applied 110 tons of asphalt material, Zamora (La Villa) with 201 tons, Libertador (Palo Negro) with 100 tons and, finally, the municipality Mario Briceño Iragorry (El Limón ) where they placed a total of 298 tons of asphalt.

A total of 800 tons of asphalt were placed in different locations in the Aragüeña state during the month of September.

With information from the correspondents: Luis Ortega and María Elena Castillo.



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