Mission Base “Aristóbulo Isturiz” inaugurated in Zulia

The minister of university education, César Trómpiz, together with the governor of the state of Zulia, Omar Prieto, carried out a deployment of the National Plan of Love in Attention to the Victims of the Economic Blockade in the Ancón Bajo sector, located in the Francisco Eugenio Bustamante parish of Maracaibo , where they inaugurated the «Aristóbulo Istúriz» Mission Base.

Minister César Trómpiz asserted that there was a deployment with the entire team of the social vice presidency and public services to attend to the families of the aforementioned Maracaibera area. 

»(…) With all the organizations, such as the health brigades and the Somos Venezuela brigades, dedicated to developing strategies to benefit the communes, the popular power and the organization (…) that has a whole team serving the most vulnerable in the street, in terms of health and food, demonstrating the advancement of the people and defeating the Economic War, "said Trómpiz. 

«We are applying the entire plan of President Nicolás Maduro, to attend to the victims of the economic war, promoted by the right with disaster strategies against the population, sanctions that have caused the death of more than 50 thousand people, however the president has made a superhuman effort to multiply resources and reach those most in need, "said the Zulian president. 

Government authorities supervised the community's Food House, where food will be served to all those members of the sector who require it. 

Wheelchairs, canes, footwear were also delivered, and a medical care day was held in which medicines and food supplements were distributed. 

Supplies were delivered to the post-population.

Likewise, energy-saving light bulbs were distributed with the aim of replacing high-consumption luminaires and contributing to the stabilization of the electrical system. 



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