Anzoatiguenses quarantine breakers pay fines with medical supplies

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The municipalities of the Guanta, Píritu and Miranda municipalities of the Anzoátegui state establish fines for medical supplies for people and businesses that violate biosafety and radical quarantine measures.

In Guanta, the northern part of the state, by decree, Mayor Marcelo Galvis said that the measure seeks to "minimize the impact and reduce the cases of covid-19" and establishes that they must pay with alcohol, surgical gloves, face masks, 0.9% solution, gauze, adhesives or chlorine, who violate the quarantine decreed throughout the country.

In the western area, the mayor of the Piritu municipality, Williams Petit, also signed a decree that establishes the same fines or sanctions for those who do not respect the provisions of the national government to stop the contagion of covid-19.

The amounts of sanctions in both municipalities are expressed in Petros (from 0,08 to 0,5).

For his part, the mayor of the Miranda municipality, Ángel Vásquez, reported that the sanctions to merchants who disrespect the working hours in the quarantine have been charged in masks, solutions and alcohol to treat covid patients in the health centers of Pariaguán . 



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