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Anzoátegui beaches received tourists at the beginning of 2022

For the second consecutive day, the Lido, Canales, Cangrejo and Caleta beaches in Lechería, Urbaneja municipality of the Anzoátegui state, were once again full of bathers.

This Sunday, January XNUMX, the moderate swell appeared in the coastal axis that was not an impediment for local bathers and visitors to fill the spas in the north of the state.

The Urbaneja Civil Protection operations chief, Doarwil Bermúdez indicated that the deployment for the monitoring of recreational spaces continues.

From Guanta, the municipal director of PC, Ángel Ugas indicated that 25 operational officials and two units have been deployed to monitor the influx and compliance with biosafety measures.

He stressed that they carry out disinfection days at the La Baritina pier, "where locals and visitors move to the tourist places of our municipality."

While from the docks of Paseo de la Cruz y el Mar in Puerto La Cruz and La Baritina in Guanta, they report a high influx of people who sought to travel to the islands of El Saco, Puinare, Isla de Plata and Punta La Cruz.