Angostura del Orinoco municipal council declares the "Guasa Day"

Cultores of the city pay tribute to the Bolivarian singer-songwriter, Alejandro Vargas, author and performer of greatest hits.

To the rhythm of the Guasa Guayanesa, within the framework of the 128th anniversary of the birth of the Juggler of Angostura, Alejandro Vargas, the Municipal Council of Angostura del Orinoco, in a special session, recognized November 13 as the date of celebration of the “Guasa Guayanesa ”, a proposal made by the mayor of the entity Sergio Hernández and local cultists, to exalt the indigenous feeling of the Bolivarian capital.

In this sense, the president of the Municipal Council Armando Barreto, along with the other councilors, received the proposal with approval and recognized the "Troubadour Guayanés" Alejandro Vargas, "we also recognize the valuable group of cultists of the city, who with care have disclosed the life and work of the minstrel ”, said Barreto.

Alejandro Vargas

Alejandro Vargas, was born in Ciudad Bolívar on November 13, 1982, from an early age he learned the trade of fisherman, which he basically dedicated himself to in August, when the Orinoco River flood culminated, with a large influx of toads, coporos and bocachicos , which provided a good livelihood. He alternated this activity with that of a house painter or a fruit or hammock trader.

His vocation and dedication in body and soul was music: singing and composing, from time to time he played the cuatro, his guitar went with him everywhere: streets, squares, houses and even going up the Orinoco, he brought joy and enthusiasm with his voice and its verses.

El "Negro" Alejandro Vargas As he was popularly called, he spent his life among comparsas, parrandas and serenades, singing, even when his voice was compromised due to a throat injury, until his departure, on March XNUMX, XNUMX, at the age of XNUMX. 

Cultural Management

Meanwhile, the director of local Culture Maricarmen Amador expressed “thanks to the cultural policies implemented by our mayor Sergio Hernández, the Mayor of the Municipality of Angostura del Orinoco through the Directorate of Culture, obtained the Declaration of November 13 as the Day of the Guasa in homage to the birth of the minstrel from Angostura Alejandro Vargas and the Declaration of the Guasa as intangible cultural heritage of the municipality ”.

Meritorious act of recognition at the Parapara Foundation, since this group, led by the cultist Mariita Ramírez, has been in charge for many years of the formation and dissemination of this rhythm, La Guasa, in addition to taking it and making it known in every corner of Venezuela, to make those who listen to her dance.

During the event, cultists paid tribute to the Bolivarian singer-songwriter, Alejandro Vargas, author and performer of great hits such as: "El Sapo", "La Barca de Oro" and "Casta Paloma" among other themes, in addition to the bard or troubadour, minstrel, Serenater, versatile Guayanés musician, César Pérez Rossi, who personally knew Alejandro Vargas, told several anecdotes and spoke of the songs of the troubadour, who is interpreted by the famous group Serenata Guayanesa.

“Along with other renowned artists, Rocío Novellino, state delegate of the Center for Cultural Diversity and Daniel Guerra, general director of the Ministry of Culture in the Bolívar state, also accompanied us to promote what is ours and promote in the generation of relief, our roots and what we are ”, concluded Amador, director of culture at the entity.

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