Amazonas reinforces covid-19 screening before new Brazilian variant

The national government deployed a community screening session in the Río Negro municipality, located in the state of Amazonas, as part of preventive actions against the spread of the new Brazilian strain of covid-19.

This strategy, which reinforces the epidemiological fence in border areas with Brazil and Colombia, has multidisciplinary teams to detect possible infections of the infectious disease.

"All doomed doing house-to-house inquiries, person by person," said the governor of the Amazon state, Miguel Rodríguez, who emphasized that "we cannot say that it is the strain that comes from Brazil, but we have the coronavirus circulating in Río Negro ”.

Noting that "we are reinforced with our doctors, drugs and oxygen at hand," Rodríguez affirmed that the therapeutic arsenal against covid-19 is guaranteed for the effective care of Amazonian patients.

"We are in the deep jungle attending to save the lives of our people, to bring health to our people and save them from this pandemic," he stressed.

Previously, the President of the Republic, Nicolás Maduro, reiterated the instruction to guarantee treatment against covid-19, which includes the Venezuelan antiviral Carvativir. "We have to ensure that Carvativir reaches all patients," he ordered.

Likewise, Maduro pointed out that "if we combine maximum prevention, maximum care with good treatments applied on time, we will have great results."

Source: Presidential Press / Minci



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