Agroindustrial Complex produces more than a million sauces in Guárico

A final production of 39 million tons is estimated, representing 33% to supply the population. Photos: Guárico Governorate.

From the José Tadeo Monagas municipality, the Guárico state is currently in the process of producing more than one million 600 thousand units of tomato sauces through the Altagracia Socialist Agroindustrial Complex (Caisa) located in the Altagracia de Orituco parish of said jurisdiction, which will be distributed through the different feeding programs to the population.

The information was provided by the governor of the Guárico state, José Vásquez, during the inspection of the facilities of the tomato processing plant of the aforementioned complex, noting that simultaneously, in the entity, the harvest season of this This area was started with 25 hectares of the Campo Alegre Productive Unit located in Altagracia, from where a contribution of more than 200 kilos of tomatoes will be provided for their respective processing.

He indicated that as part of the productive chain that takes place in the entity, the raw material collected from the field, is redirected to the plant where the reception is carried out, in order to proceed to the washing and selection of the item, and start its processing to obtain the by-product, which once finished, is destined to the Guárico, Clap Food Store and a portion to the public and private market.

Similarly, Vásquez indicated that medium and large producers, as well as the private sector, will be able to bring their production to the industrial complex to strengthen the system.

More than 1.600.000 units of tomato sauces will be distributed through the Altagracia Socialist Agroindustrial Complex (Caisa).

He reiterated that 1.317 hectares of tomatoes were planted in Guárico and are currently harvested between the Monagas and Julián Mellado municipalities, which estimates a final production of 39 million tons, which represents 33% to supply the population, said the governor.

In this context, during an interview, the president of the El Maizal group, which is strategically allied with the Guárico governorate with the reactivation and empowerment of this complex, Luis Malaspina, stated that the plant would process about 6 million kilos of tomatoes for the Altagracia de Orituco area and the rest of the state, by obtaining the raw material generated in said area.



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