Active drinking water well system in La Guaira

Photo: Cirilo Hernández

More 1.100 liters of water per second will be incorporated into Hidrocapital's drinking water pipeline, in the El Rincón sector of the Maiquetía parish, by activating the first two aquifer wells of the thirteen planned in La Guaira.

These first two wells had an investment of 133 thousand 660 million bolivars and are being developed by the mayor of the Vargas Municipality and would benefit some 2.500 families in the area.

"We bet 1.100 liters of water per second, the Hidrocapital tank is 1.500 liters so it would be full every day and connected to the pipes the vital liquid would reach 2.500 homes in the sector," said José Alejandro Terán, mayor of Vargas.

The president added that thirteen systems for drilling, extraction, purification and distribution of drinking water have been designed throughout the municipality that will be installed in the parishes of La Guaira, Macuto, Carlos Soublette and Caraballeda, to provide 604 liters of water per second to the aqueduct regional.

The drilling works for the north and south wells in El Rincón are carried out jointly with Hidrocapital and the company Acuifero Caribe CA and include the conditioning of the existing tank, the construction of a room for the Pumping and Control System and, at an electrical level, the installation of the transformer bench, wiring and interconnection pipes.



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